iDEAL is an online payment method that enables consumers to pay online through their own bank. In addition to webshops, other organisations that are not part of the e-commerce market also offer iDEAL. iDEAL is increasingly used to pay energy bills, make donations to charities, buy mobile credits, pay local taxes, traffic fines, etc…

What is iDEAL?
iDEAL is a standard payment method for making secure online payments directly between bank accounts. When you offer iDEAL as a payment method in your online store, a direct link is established with the systems of your bank. In other words, this one connection to iDEAL enables any visitor to your site who has access to online banking with Dutch banks to pay with iDEAL.

There are various ways of offering iDEAL as a payment method on your website. Depending on the complexity of your online store, the (Acquiring) Banks and Collecting Payment Service Providers (CPSPs), which are certified by Currence, have a variety of options for integrating your site with iDEAL. Your Acquiring Bank or CPSP will be able to tell you more. A list of certified Acquiring Banks and CPSPs is available online.

The unique features are:

  • Payment by the buyer via the mobile banking app or internet banking environment.
  • Real-time payment confirmation for and subsequent irrevocable transfer to the IBAN of the beneficiary.
  •  Suitable for direct online payment and for paying afterwards, via a link in an email or a QR code.

Our demo shows you step by step how the payment takes place. From shopping cart to payment confirmation. Start the iDEAL demo…

Key figures
Click on the links below for the most recent figures about iDEAL, including its availability and an overview of the number of iDEAL payments per month. The key figures are presented as graphics.

To pay with iDEAL
Do you want to know how you can pay your online purchases with iDEAL?
Please visit the iDEAL website for more information for consumers.

Accepting iDEAL on your website?
Do you offer online products or services and you wish for a swift, reliable and efficient payment method? An iDEAL contract is needed with one of the Dutch banks or a Collecting Payment Service Provider which offer various iDEAL contracts to web merchants. Please contact a bank or a Collecting Payment Service Provider for more information. Or visit the iDEAL website for more specified information for businesses.

Become an iDEAL partner?
Do you want to offer iDEAL to consumers or businesses as a payment service provider? Your institution must then be certified by Currence. Visit the iDEAL website for more detailed information for iDEAL Partners.