Rules & Regulations

The Rules & Regulations (R & R) create a level playing field for all parties wishing to participate in the national collective payment products Acceptgiro, iDEAL, eMandates and the identification product iDIN.

With the R&R, Currence aims for open access to the market for all parties. The R&R are transparent and non-discriminatory and are a crucial instrument to realize Currence’s main objective: to facilitate market transparency and market forces within the conditions for the efficiency and safety of the various products of Currence.

The R&R are structured according to a so-called role model. Each role corresponds to a specific task in the chain of the relevant product. Parties that demonstrably meet the requirements set in the R&R are eligible for a licence, a certificate or an accreditation agreement depending on the role they wish to fulfill. Currence issues the licenses, certificates and accreditations, an authority that is derived from the ownership of the products it holds.

The R&R consists of three parts:

  • the General Notes of the roles identified with the product. This document provides an overview of the structure of the role model and the applicable requirements;
  • the General Regulations for parties that play a role in the context of the R&R. The regulations describe, among other things, the application, assessment, award, and maintenance procedures for the licenses, certificates and accreditations;
  • the R&R provisions. Here, the organizational, process and operational requirements for each role are determined from the role model.

Click here for the role model and the R&R of Acceptgiro
Click here for the role model and the R&R of the online products iDEAL, iDIN and eMandates