iDEAL, iDIN and eMandates role model

Participating in the schemes iDEAL, iDIN and eMandates as licencee, certificate holder or accredited party

Currence is the owner of the brands and schemes iDEAL, iDIN and eMandates. Currence has the task of defining and managing standards applicable to the various roles identified as part of these schemes. Online Rules & Regulations (Online R&R) have accordingly been drafted for the purpose of regulating and controlling these schemes. The Online R&R contain descriptions of the various roles and activities which players admitted to the schemes are able to perform and are permitted to perform. These roles and activities are governed by licence, certificate or accreditation agreements issued by Currence.

Currence helps safeguard the efficiency, quality (including reliability and image) and the integrity of the DEAL, iDIN and eMandates  transactions. Currence carries out the following tasks:

  • determining the strategy and policy of the Schemes,
  • drawing up, laying down, and managing the Online R&R,
  • certifying Licencees, Certificate Holders and Accredited Parties,
  • monitoring Licencees, Certificate Holders (with the power to impose sanctions) and Accredited Parties,
  • coordinating anti-fraud measures,
  • facilitating collective consultation structures,
  • developing and, if necessary, revising the Schemes;
  • public relations, public affairs, communications, brand promotion.

Currence has prepared a document that provides a general explanation of the Online R&R – General Notes on the Online R&R. This document includes a description of the payment product iDEAL and eMandates and the identification product iDIN, information about the licence and certificate structure and the accreditation procedure and also an overview of the various documents regarding the Online R&R. This general explanation is a good starting point if you want to join (one of) the  schemes.

If you wish to become a licencee or certificate holder, you can specify with the License Agreement Application Form, if you want to become an Acquirer or Issuer.

Through the Certificate Agreement Application Form you can sign up for the role of Collecting Payment Service Provider (CPSP) for iDEAL, Digital Identity Service Provider (DISP) for iDIN, routing Service Provider (RSP) or Validation Service Provider (VSP) for iDIN and eMandates. The Application forms are part of the Acceptance Regulations. For the accreditation of the Role as iDEAL C2C provider or eMandate Service Provider (MSP), click here.